Offshore structures and solutions

Team Renewable Arctic Finland provides the advanced and energy efficient infrastructure solutions for sustainable future.

Sustainable infrastructure solutions for high performing offshore operations and logistics

Port engineering, design and construction
Solutions to enable safe and reliable port development to support demanding offshore operations.
Solutions for electrification
Supporting your journey towards low-emission and high performing operations.

Port engineering, design and construction

Team Renewable Arctic Finland is a reliable partner for improving investment and sustainability performance in ports:

  • Offshore base facilities
  • Winterization supporting all-year operation of ports
  • Fairway construction
  • Underwater monitoring
  • Dredging, blasting, slipform casting

Solutions for electrification

We support the transition towards more sustainable future by providing solutions to enable the shift from fossil to future fuels and required infrastructure solutions.

  • Shore-side electricity
  • Electricity and new fuels
  • Energy storage solutions