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Team Renewable Arctic Finland receives funding from Business Finland

Business Finland grants funding to accelerate Team Renewable Arctic Finland’s work towards sustainable energy solutions.

Business Finland, the Finnish organization for innovation and trade, ranked the TRAF ecosystem as high priority in the Growth Engine funding scheme. The grant is a testimony to the need for innovative renewable energy solutions. As national and industry-level carbon neutrality targets approach, offshore wind becomes an increasingly significant way to produce energy sustainably.

The grant will support the orchestration of the ecosystem. Gaia’s role as an orchestrator is to lead the team, strengthen its shared vision, and activate common research, development, and innovation projects. Gaia facilitates the dialogue with the ecosystem’s different stakeholders and makes sure that the insight from the market is utilized in the concept development. This way Gaia ensures strong means for a value-chain wide work and a competitive total offering with arctic expertise.

”Gaia employs great professionals specialized in this field. We are looking for well-prepared co-innovation funding applications with high impact built together with strong consortiums to capture mid-term and long-term value of this rapidly expanding opportunity”, says Markku Heimbürger, Funding Expert at Business Finland.

The goal is to create new business, accelerate exports, and bring investments in Finland. This goal will be met by the work of TRAF’s 22 ecosystem members that all bring their unique expertise to the game. As a result of the growing offshore wind industry, thousands of new jobs will be created.

With a growing need for sustainable energy production, the funding will secure TRAF’s possibilities to work towards a common ambition shared by its members – a more sustainable future.