Meet the TRAF members: Skarta

Skarta is a construction company with a focus on carbon neutral industrial and energy projects. Skarta Energy is the company’s subsidiary that provides services throughout the emission-free energy value chain.

How do you see the future for offshore wind in the Arctics?
The speed of change is very concrete in the offshore wind business. The same amount of change that happened in the first 30 years now happens in only four or five years. Because of this momentum right now, the change is also quite complex – it includes a lot of players with different kinds of knowledge. At Skarta, we have gotten ready for the complexity with increasing our technical, management, and leadership competences in the electricity sector.

What has led to this fast change?
The push has come from the markets. In large construction projects, such as offshore wind, there are large players that determine the direction of change and lead it. One example of this is the demand for environmentally conscious building materials. There is likely to be a growth in the demand, which will influence the whole industry.

What made Skarta join the TRAF ecosystem?
One of our areas of expertise is building wind farms, and in fact, we have been involved in the construction of more than 100 wind turbines since 2013. We believe that offshore wind is the future – the opportunities there are gigantic. TRAF provides us a valuable network that helps us with strategic thinking and futures work. It’s a way to make the energy transformation a reality faster.

Kari Tuominen is the Managing Director of Skarta Energy, a Nordic cleantech contractor that focuses on building the future of the energy sector through solar and wind power, storing energy, and a deep understanding of the hydrogen economy.