Portrait of Mikko Niinimaa from Destia

Meet TRAF members: Destia’s Mikko Niinimaa: “There is a real need for renewable energy – and offshore wind is one answer”

Destia is an infrastructure and construction service company that is aiming to minimize its negative environmental impact and maximize its positive impact on biodiversity and people. Mikko Niinimaa believes that offshore wind power has an important role in the sustainable energy transformation.

Why did Destia join the TRAF ecosystem?
The key reason for joining TRAF is that we want to better understand and keep up with the sustainable energy transformation. There is also a great value in doing the work together with the other members of TRAF: as the energy industry is changing fast, an ecosystem is a great way to have a joint effort to positively impact that change. In addition, TRAF has been a place where we have learned a lot about offshore wind and the infrastructure and construction needs that are related to it.

How does TRAF support Destia’s strategy?
Destia plans to be a forerunner in the sustainable energy transformation. We have followed the development of offshore wind in the Arctics very closely. It is a complex and completely new area. Developing offshore wind in icing conditions requires teamwork that TRAF can provide us. However, as a large player with knowledge in wind power on land, we are not starting from zero.

Why is Destia interested in offshore wind?
As the world and our clients’ interests are changing, there is simply no reason for us not to deepen our understanding and learn completely new skills related to offshore wind. There is a real need for renewable energy production and offshore wind power can provide one answer to it.

Mikko Niinimaa is a Business Unit Manager for Wind Power in Destia.