Meet TRAF members: Boskalis Terramare

Boskalis Terramare is specialized in heavy Arctic marine and harbour constructions. Terramare represents its parent company Boskalis in the Baltic Sea basin, especially in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia. Hannu Tomperi is the Managing Director and Sami Soikkeli is a Project Manager in Boskalis Terramare.

How do you see the future and green transition in Boskalis Terramare?

Boskalis has for a long time prepared to answer to the needs of the energy transition. Therefore, we also see business opportunity in mitigating climate change. We have invested in for example floating cranes and can assist in the construction of large offshore wind projects. There is also work for Boskalis in mitigating climate change: more and more people live on coastal areas that are prone to rising sea levels so energy and construction are needed there too. We see that these global trends will take place in the Baltic Sea area as well.

And what do you think is needed for them to kick-off?

In Finland we are in a situation where we still look forward to the large-scale projects to start while a lot of planning is happening now. Therefore, we do not yet get to enjoy the economies of scale and we might end up in a vicious cycle of investments not happening due to risks and costs.

On the other hand, our parent companies are largely involved in offshore wind farm projects and we do have a lot of experience in marine construction and marine operations from other fields, too. From construction viewpoint the Baltic Sea is an ideal environment with its shallow waters, low salinity, and a dense network of ports. So the prerequisites seem to be in place.

One way to take the next step could be a large-scale demonstration project based on best available knowledge and technology. Piloting, then iterating on the ways of working and thereafter being ready for a real-life scale with more reliable knowledge on constructing and operating a wind park in the Baltic Sea conditions. This would be best done together with investors and the rest of the value chain.

What have you gained from joining the TRAF ecosystem?

We see value in networking – all parts of the offshore wind value chain in the Baltic Sea area are represented in Team Renewable Arctic Finland. When the vast projects kick off, we see that there will be enough work for all of us.